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Through the various resources listed on this page, you have the opportunity to stay abreast of important personal financial topics. The most popular resource our clients enjoy is our Weekly Market Commentary that is sent via e-mail every Monday. If you would like to subscribe to our commentaries or newsletters, please signup using the form below.

Weekly Market Commentary

Investors are becoming more discriminating.
- by Katherine Matina

Trade tensions escalated as the U.S. administration expanded tariffs on Chinese goods last week. You wouldn’t have known by watching…

What a rollercoaster of a quarter!
- by Katherine Matina

When it comes to the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment Survey, respondents tend to be more bullish than…

There’s a Bear in China – and It’s Not a Panda.
- by Katherine Matina

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Composite Index, which reflects the performance of all shares that trade on the Shanghai Stock…

What time is it?
- by Katherine Matina

The yield curve may be the pocket watch of economic indicators. It’s been around for a long time and it’s…

Lifestyle Newsletter

Are You a Subscriber?
- by Katherine Matina

In the olden days, the word ‘subscription’ typically was applied to just magazines and newspapers. Today, that’s not the case.…

Life in the Future
- by Katherine Matina

Technology is a life changer. GPS has improved interpersonal relations by eliminating arguments about asking for directions. Apps for car…

Are We Ready for the Baby Boom Retirement?
- by Katherine Matina

Fifteen years ago, a Health Services Research report described the challenges ahead for the United States as the Baby Boom…

College is Coming – Have You Started Saving Yet?
- by Katherine Matina

How times change!  In 1940, half of Americans finished their education in eighth grade. College degrees were relatively rare. Just…


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