Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Services

Qualified Retirement Plans (such as 401(k) or 403(b) plans) are often an integral part of wealth management and financial planning, and of the services we offer. Retirement plan laws and regulations are extremely complex and in a seemingly constant state of change. Add to that the severe penalties from both the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for noncompliance, and this area of planning quickly becomes a minefield waiting to explode on unsuspecting plans. It was within this dangerous environment back in the early 80s that our advisors first began specializing in qualified retirement plans for businesses. Unfortunately, the retirement plan environment today remains just as treacherous – and perhaps even more so for plan sponsors and fiduciaries.

Adding to our expertise in this area is our extensive history in the business of retirement plan administration. Since 1982, much of the technical and administrative functions of retirement plans for our clients were handled through JADE Plan Services, Inc, which is owned by two of our firm’s partners. And although retirement plan regulations have recently changed, making it difficult to efficiently provide “one-stop-shop” solutions, our knowledge and expertise in this area remains a significant added value to the businesses who use us as their retirement plan advisor.

Through our role as an advisor to qualified retirement plans, our clients continue to rely on our sophisticated professional advice and benefit from our vast resource of plan design capabilities and investment platforms. Personal fiduciary guidance is also of paramount importance to our retirement plan clients. Through our “hands on” approach, our advisors can recognize and incorporate into decisions the special and unique needs of each individual or corporation as well as offer crucial information and regulation interpretations to plan Trustees.

There are numerous traps and bad decisions that can be made when business owners, corporate officers, or plan Trustees rely on information provided by a person who is unfamiliar with the intricacies of their business. Thus, we will continue to be a long-term provider of retirement plan services and expertise to our business clients. We don’t believe in cookie cutter answers because your business needs, like your financial goals, are unique and personal.

JADE Plan for Current Retirement Plan Clients

Online administration management of plans is done through JADE Plan Service’s Custom Plan Website System.