A New Start

A New Start
January 28, 2022 Katherine Matina


A new year is here. And, while we’re entering the third year of a global pandemic, and still dealing with new variants of COVID-19, we can still have hope and start 2022 off right with goals that may make us better.

If making resolutions is something you do, there are ways to ensure you won’t be among the ranks of people who abandon their resolutions.

The Seattle Times offers some tips to help you keep your resolutions:


    • Make a plan.1 Map out what you want to do and how you’ll reach your goal. Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”2
    • Be specific. Don’t list broad goals. Be as specific as possible. Instead of saying you want to get in shape, perhaps make a goal to walk two miles, three times a week.1
    • Be choosy. Don’t make a long list of potential goals. Pick a few achievable goals and focus on one goal at a time.1
    • Start small. Take baby steps to reach your goal and don’t beat yourself up if you have setbacks. For example, instead of cutting out all sugary treats at once, just swap out a few sugary treats at a time with healthier options.1
    • Have an accountability buddy. Having a support system in place will make it more likely you’ll achieve your goals.1
    • Don’t give up. Setbacks are inevitable. So have a plan for when there is a setback and don’t give up.1


Forbes reports February is usually the month when people give up on their resolutions (approximately 80 percent), so be especially vigilant in that month.3

To avoid giving up on your goals, pick one you’re emotionally committed to so you can stay with it.


Ways to Make 2022 a Fresh Start

So what if we’re heading into the third year of the pandemic? We can still make 2022 feel fresh according to Huffington Post.4

Some of the ways The Huffington Post notes to make this year feel like a fresh start is to do any of the following:4


    • Find and set a positive affirmation. Research has found your self-image and motivation can improve when you employ a positive affirmation. Ask yourself: What mindset do I want to have in 2022? If your answer are words like “positive,” “confident,” “calm,” or “giving,” you can turn any one of these into an affirmation. For example, “I am confident.”
    • Create a stress plan. Stress is inevitable. Some stresses are things that can be avoided through processes. For example, if you tend to spend a good chunk of time in the morning looking for your keys, hang a key hook near your door and make sure you put your keys there every time you walk in the door.
    • Set a challenge for yourself. This can tie into the resolutions you made for 2022 or not. Either way, setting a challenging goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish can help give you something to look forward to. For example, have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Run a 5K? Find a challenge and set a plan to accomplish it.
    • Establish a daily routine. Having a daily routine keeps us on track and helps us experience more stability and order. If your daily routine has gotten off track in the past two years, try to outline a new one and stick to it.
    • Redecorate your workspace. If you were feeling blah and unmotivated at the end of 2021, try redecorating your workspace. Rearrange it, get some new office supplies, declutter – whatever it takes to make it feel new and fun.
    • Carve out time for yourself. Whether you’re introverted or not, we all need time to recharge ourselves. Carve out time to do something for yourself – whether it be a walk, some meditation time, or a bubble bath – every day.


Make 2022 a fresh start!


Lessons from Therapists

The past two years haven’t been easy on any of us. The Mayo Clinic reports the pandemic has led to increased stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and lonliness.5

The Mayo Clinic recommends things like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating healthy, and avoiding drugs and alcohol but, oftentimes, therapy is also helpful. If we haven’t gotten around to getting our own therapists, The Huffington Post rounded up pieces of advice therapists gave their clients during the pandemic that can be helpful to employ in 2022:6


    • Thoughts are not facts. If you’re having negative thought patterns, know that these thoughts are not facts.
    • Be gentle with yourself. The pandemic has given us a collective trauma and we’re all emotionally exhausted. Be kind to yourself.
    • You don’t need to carry all the burdens. You aren’t responsible for the emotions of everybody around you. Don’t carry everybody else’s burdens.
    • You can’t control other people. Don’t stress yourself out trying to change what people think or do. If you have frustrations about other people’s thoughts or actions, journal to vent and follow-up by writing down three things for which you’re grateful.
    • Take care of yourself first. You are like the battery in the car of your life. If you’re not charged up, the car can’t go anywhere. Take care of yourself first.


New Year’s Resolutions Quiz

Let’s see what we know about New Year’s resolutions:7


  1. What were the most popular resolutions for 2021?

a. Exercising more

b. Improving fitness

c. Saving money

d. All of the above


  1. Of people who made resolutions in 2020, what percentage of them kept those resolutions?

a. 25%

b. 35%

c. 45%

d. 55%


  1. What generation made resolutions that were more concerned with finding love compared to the other generations?

a. Baby Boomers

b. Generation X

c. Generation Y

d. Generation Z


  1. Which generation made resolutions that were most concerned with improving their style?

a. Baby Boomers

b. Generation X

c. Generation Y

d. Generation Z


Quiz Answers:

  1. D – All of the above
  2. B – 35%
  3. D – Generation Z
  4. B – Generation X


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